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Notice of Intent Filing Instructions
August 31, 2017
All applicants are responsible for obtaining any required technical information regarding resource areas that may be applicable to the project.  The use of a wetland consultant is recommended to ensure that the submitted Notice of Intent is complete and that all other regulatory agencies have been notified through proper procedures prior to any public hearing.

Notice of Intent Application:

A Notice of Intent (NOI) Application includes the following.  Please complete and submit two copies to the Oxford Conservation Commission.  One copy must also be submitted to the Department of Environmental Protection (see instructions for address).  Please note the additional plan copies required.

WPA Form 3 – Notice of Intent - see attached instructions.
NOI Wetland Fee Transmittal Form (Included with the WPA Form 3) – see Fees below.
A Stormwater Management Plan and an Operation & Maintenance Plan are required for any activity that will alter the existing drainage characteristics of the land in accordance with the Town of Oxford General By-Law, Chapter 67. Copy of By-Law and the Stormwater Management Permit Application can be obtained at the Town Hall.
An Erosion and Sediment Control Plan is required for any land disturbances in accordance with the Town of Oxford General By-Law, Chapter 66.  Copy of the By-Law and the Land Disturbance Permit Application can be obtained at the Town Hall.
Certified List of Abutters.  The applicant must obtain a current certified abutters list from the Assessor’s Office.  The list cannot be more than 30 days old.
Notification to Abutters.  The applicant is responsible for notifying abutters, using the attached form, in writing by hand delivery or certified mail return-receipt requested.  Proof of such notification must be submitted to the Commission prior to the start of the public hearing.
Scaled plans describing the entire site, resource areas and proposed work, as explained in the Plan Requirements.  NINE (9) copies of the plan must be submitted to the Oxford Conservation Commission with the NOI application.
Topographical Map clearly indicating the site location.
Assessor’s Map clearly indicating the site location.
10.        Notice of Intent Checklist


Filing fees are calculated in accordance with the categories established by DEP and are submitted with the NOI Wetland Fee Transmittal Form.  Please see Page 8 of the Notice of Intent Instructions.  The Town’s portion of the fee must be submitted by check made payable to the Town of Oxford.  The State’s portion of the fee must be submitted by check made payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and sent to DEP per the instructions.
The legal ad fee is $50.00 and must be submitted by check made payable to the Town of Oxford.  This fee is for the legal advertisement which will be placed at a minimum of five business days prior to the public hearing date in a newspaper of local distribution.
The application fee for the Stormwater Management Permit and the Land Disturbance Permit is $250.  This fee covers the cost to advertise the required legal ad and for review of the applications and plans.  For large developments, an additional Review Fee may be required.  

Filings with proposed alterations to resource areas:

Any resource areas proposed to be altered require the following submitted with the NOI:

Performance Standards of the Wetlands Protection Act Regulations 310 CMR 10.00 must be addressed in writing by a Wetlands Specialist.
A Narrative must be provided that includes a complete description of the wetland resource area(s) to be altered, including a list of plants and approximate percentage of each type; trees and shrubs should be counted.  The Narrative must also include a soil analysis of the wetland area to be altered, showing the depth of organic material and high ground water conditions.  Soil analyses shall be conducted by a Soil Scientist or a DEP Certified Soil Evaluator.
An engineered plan shall be included indicating the wetland boundary with flag numbers, soil borings (with numbers), location and size of proposed alteration, location and size of proposed replication area, sedimentation control measures (staked hay bales and siltation fence) and all proposed and existing structures (house, sheds, garage, driveway, well, septic system, etc.)
A Qualification Statement of the Wetland Specialist, Soil Scientist or DEP Certified Soil Evaluator must be included in this Notice of Intent application.

Upon receipt of a complete NOI, the Oxford Conservation Commission shall notify the applicant of the date and time of the Public Hearing.  The applicant or representative, and the wetland specialist, should make a brief presentation to the Commission at the hearing to explain the work proposed and the site conditions.  If additional information is required and/or a site visit is warranted, the public hearing may be continued to a later date.  Upon closing the public hearing, the Commission shall have 21 days to issue its decision in the form of an Order of Conditions.

After a 10-day appeal period, the applicant must record the Order of Conditions at the Worcester County Registry of Deeds against the property deed.  Proof of such recording must be provided to the Commission prior to commencement of any work.  

Upon completion of the work in accordance with the Order of Conditions and the approved NOI, the applicant shall submit a Request for Certificate of Compliance to the Commission.  A Certificate of Compliance will be issued upon a satisfactory inspection by the Commission of the work.  This Certificate must then be recorded at the Worcester County Registry of Deeds which removes the Order of Conditions from the deed.

Any questions should be directed to the Oxford Conservation Commission at (508) 987-6044.


Town of Oxford, 325 Main Street, Oxford MA 01540
Hours: M-F 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

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