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HOW DO I REPORT A STREET LIGHT THAT IS OUT?  Get the pole number, street name, location of street light and call the DPW to report it.  The pole number is usually 5-7 feet above the ground and is made of metal.  The electric company usually needs a least 7-10 business days to come out and repair it.   

HOW DO I REPORT A POTHOLE IN MY STREET?  Call the DPW with the location of pothole including the street name and surrounding house numbers.  

WHEN IS THE TOWN HAVING BULK ITEM DROP-OFF?  Depending on the Town’s budget the Bulk Item Drop-Off is scheduled for the spring (April or May) and fall (October or November).  Notice is posted on web-site about one month prior to the event.

WHERE CAN ONE GET RID OF UNUSED PAINT?  Water based (LATEX) paint cans be opened and dried out and disposed of with your weekly garbage.  Oil based paint cans cannot be disposed in your garbage and at this time the DPW does not have any location to refer residents to.  
WHAT IS THE PHONE NUMBER FOR OXFORD TRANSFER STATION?  The Oxford Transfer Station is located on Route 56 (Leicester Street) near the Leicester Town line. 508-892-1219

A PLOW DAMAGED MY MAIL BOX OR PROPERTY WHAT DO I DO?  Contact the DPW with your address and if your mailbox is damaged it will be placed on a list to be repaired or replaced in the spring.  Residents are asked to make temporary repairs so mail delivery can continue.    

WHERE DO I GET RID OF FLUORESCENT LIGHT BULBS?  At this time the DPW does not have any location to refer you to.

DOES THE TOWN RECYCLE?  The Town does not offer a Town sponsored recycling program.  Local trash haulers may offer this service.    

DOES DPW HAVE ANY SEASONAL OR PART-TIME POSITIONS AVAILABLE?  All job positions when available are posted on web-site or bulletin board located on the first floor at the Town Hall.  Applications are available in the Town Manager’s office, Monday-Friday from 9:00-4:30.  If no position is available upon receipt of your application it will be held by the Town Manager’s office.       


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