Fire Prevention and Life Safety

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Fire Prevention, Education, and Life Safety

The mission of the Fire Prevention, Education, and Life Safety Division is to help prevent the occurrence of fire, protect lives and to preserve property through our Community Risk Reduction program. We accomplish this through what is known as the Three Es: Education, Engineering, and Enforcement.

Education: provides public safety awareness education in the identification and protection of common risks from fire and other potential hazards. We do this through our Student Awareness of Fire Education (S.A.F.E) program and our Senior S.A.F.E program. Working hand-in-hand with Oxford Public Schools and the Council on Aging/Senior Center, we ensure two segments of the population prone to injury remain safe from the perils of fire. 

Engineering: involves the review and approval all fire protection documents in addition to witnessing a satisfactory functional test of all fire protection systems prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy. We also conduct plan reviews of all building and fire protection system plans for compliance with the Massachusetts Fire Code. We work closely with the Building and Health Departments to ensure all of our citizens remain safe from the perils of fire. To schedule an inspection or for more information, contact us at (508) 987-6012.

Enforcement: entails ensuring all buildings and facilities in our town meet the requirements of M.G.L. Chapter 148, CMR 527, and all adopted town fire by-laws. Enforcement also involves the administration of all permits and licenses in addition to conducting the necessary inspections to issue them.

You can also set up an inspection, school visit or other community event by E-mailing Captain Kenneth Sellers.

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Fire Prevention Week is October 5-11. The 2020 theme will be announced on June 1.      Fire Safety Quiz