Marriage License Information

Information about Massachusetts Marriage Licenses

For couples that are getting married in Massachusetts, both parties must be over 18 years of age or have a Court order waiving the age requirement.

In order to obtain a Marriage License, both parties must report together to the Town Clerk's Office to file Marriage Intentions. At that time, you will need a valid picture ID and the filing fee of $25.00 cash or check. Marriage Intentions can be filed in any city or town in Massachusetts, regardless of where you reside.

From the date the Intentions are filed, the license will be good for 60 days. There is a mandatory 3-day waiting period before we can issue the Marriage License to either party (in person) or to their designee. A court waiver is required to waive the 3-day waiting period.

Other things you should know:

Most couples are glad to hear that blood work is no longer required in Massachusetts!

If either party has been divorced, the divorce must be final for more than 90 days from the NISI period in order to file Marriage Intentions. Documentation pertaining to a divorce decree is not required since Intentions are signed under the penalties of perjury.

Please be sure you know your place of birth and Social Security number, your parents' middle names and last names at birth, and the name and contact information for the Officiant that will perform your ceremony (if you have chosen someone).

Although no appointment is necessary, kindly arrive at the Town Clerk's Office by 4:00 p.m. since the application process takes about 20 minutes.