Online Tax Payment Info

The Town of Oxford now offers taxpayers an opportunity to pay tax bills directly to the town through its computer Web site by making an electronic funds transfer payment through one’s checking account. This is a great opportunity for Oxford residents especially when an individual cannot come to the town hall during normal business hours. Taxpayers can make payments anytime day or night, 24 hours a day. (SEE BELOW FOR INSTRUCTIONS)

On-Line Bill Paying Services

Taxpayers who use third party vendors (computer payment services) to make tax payments to the Tax Collector office should be aware that although it appears payments are made instantaneously at the push of the SEND button on one’s computer, it can take up to three (3) weeks before payment is received and posted.

What happens when you hit the send button:

  • Your bank account is automatically debited
  • The vendor deposits the money into its account
  • Up to six days pass before they cut your check
  • The remittance has no reference information
  • Name of sender can be different than name of owner
  • Address of sender can be different than property location
  • No identification as to personal property, real property or motor vehicle excise, or sewer
  • Amount paid is different than amount billed
  • Delay in check printing and processing can result in late payment charges
  • Checks must be reproduced to provide back-up support for proof of payment; also as to what was paid
  • Checks can be mailed to the incorrect address
  • Vendors are unwilling to adjust there formatting to accommodate tax payments (they were designed for repetitive transactions like utility bills where there is only one account number used from month to month)


Effective with the first-half real estate tax bill for 2006, the Town of Oxford will, for customer convenience, allow electronic tax payments over its Web site. The payment, however, can only be made by checking account or credit card. Payments made in this fashion will be recognized on the date received or entered by you, the taxpayer.

  • From here Click on Property Info.
  • On Displayed Screen enter House Number in the correct box and Street Name only (do not enter Street, Avenue, Lane etc.) in appropriate box
  • Click on SEARCH
  • When new page displays click on Parcel ID or Street
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your online transaction